Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Press release for Storm Chaser sale and My Funny Valentine ranking

My press release on the half-price Storm Chaser offer and on the My Funny Valentine Amazon ranking … although the shelf life for the latter is just about up for the year.

The e-book version of a local author’s debut novel has been selected by his publisher as one of fourteen romance related stories offered for half price this month in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Storm Chaser, a romantic comedy that follows the adventures of a cop and a disaster photographer in northeast Indiana, is available for $3.50 from Whiskey Creek Press as a PDF or HTML e-book, readable on almost all e-readers and computers. Anyone can place an order or read a sample chapter and a review by going here:

The author, Mark R. Hunter, is also a contributor to the humor compilation My Funny Valentine, which in advance of the holiday reached a notable high note on the humor book rankings: It hit #16 for e-books and #15 for print books. Hunter’s humor column, Slightly Off The Mark, appears weekly in the local newspapers Albion New Era, Churubusco News, and Northwest News.

My Funny Valentine can be ordered on Amazon:

Or from the publisher at:

Hunter’s website is:

Print copies of My Funny Valentine are also available at the Albion New Era office and at Just Off the Square Antiques and Collectibles, on East Main Street in Albion.

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