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Relay for Life: Cancer never sleeps

My stepfather was recently diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer (some of you might remember that the doctors have been keeping a close eye on me due to high Prostate Specific Antigen [PSA] levels). Other friends and loved ones have also been touched by cancer, so this is a bit personal to me, this year.

The Noble County Relay For Life has its first sponsors for the 2012 season – but that’s just the beginning.

 This year’s annual American Cancer Society fundraiser will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 19, at its regular site: The West Noble High School track and football field, south of Ligonier along US 33.

 But the 2012 Relay kickoff comes on Thursday, February 9thth, from 6:30-8 p.m. at The Noble County Public Library’s Cole Meeting room, in the lower level of the library. This year’s Relay theme is Happy Birthday; let’s fight back and celebrate many more Birthdays to come. We will be recognizing any cancer survivor that comes, and signing up teams for our event.

 Cancer never sleeps, so Relays are overnight events, lasting up to 24 hours, in which teams raise funds to fight the disease and they take turns keeping on the track to celebrate those who’ve battled cancer, remember those lost, and fight back. Each year more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 US communities and 20 other countries take part in Relay events to raise funds for research, treatment, and other assistance.

 Team members are encouraged to find varying ways to raise funds, and at the Relay itself they often camp out around the track (although members aren’t required to be there the whole time), and take part in food, games, and activities. More information can be found on the Relay For Life website at:

 Or by contacting Noble County Chairperson Carla Fiandt at or  260-636-3744;

 ACS Representive Melissa Stephens at or 260-471-3911;

 Team Recruitment Stacey Lang at or 260-894-1418’

 Or Survivors chair Luana Walker 260-636-7337.

Please come to our kickoff meeting and lets make this a great year.  We need to band together and fight back.  There has been many lives touched by cancer this past year and this is our part in fighting back for our survivors and for those that have lost their battle.

 While Relay participants have fun, it’s for an important cause, and much help is still needed to make the event a success. The Relay is looking not only for teams, but for committee members and other help in a variety of areas.

I walked around a track today

I walked to help a disease go away

I walked because there is a need

I walked so that bodies could be freed

I walked to give a small child hope

I walked to help someone cope

I walked for a husband or wife

I walked with my head held high

I walked for that one about to die

I walked excitedly, not demure

I walked to help find a cure

I walked for everyone to see

I walked for you

I walked for me

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