Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Press Release for my January 30 book signing

A book signing featuring local author Mark R. Hunter will be held at the Noble County Public Library main branch Monday, January 30th, from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Hunter’s romantic comedy, Storm Chaser, was released last year by Whiskey Creek Press. In addition, he’ll have available copies of the humor compilation My Funny Valentine, just in time for Valentine’s Day gift buying. My Funny Valentine includes a holiday related column by Hunter that originally appeared in the Albion New Era, Churubusco News, and Northwest News, as well as humor pieces and cartoons by thirty-nine other humorists from all over.

Anyone who hasn't bought Storm Chaser (or has, but wants another copy!) can get both books for a bargain: buy My Funny Valentine at $9.95, and get Storm Chaser for two dollars off, at $12.95. Hunter, a longtime local humor columnist who has a collection of short stories coming out in May, will answer any questions in addition to signing books at the library, located at 813 E. Main Street in Albion. He’s also a member of the Albion Volunteer Fire Department, and is working on a history of that organization.

More details about Storm Chaser are here:

While details about My Funny Valentine can be found here:

            The Facebook events page for the library book signing is here:!/events/133555793426698/

More on Storm Chaser, by Mark R. Hunter:

The black funnel of an approaching tornado makes all other troubles seem small. But when Indiana State Trooper Chance Hamlin “rescues” Allie Craine from a twister, his troubles are just beginning—Allie, a disaster photographer, rescues him when he drives into the storm’s path.

Chance doesn’t like being rescued, he doesn’t like photographers, and he definitely doesn’t like being stuck with Allie when she wants to stay in calm, peaceful Indiana. Too bad his family, friends, and even the other members of Chance’s volunteer fire department think she’s great. Suspicious of Allie’s motives, he decides to drive her away out of sheer boredom—but that’s not so easy when someone begins causing fires and other catastrophes around the area. That someone might be Allie, who has plans of her own...

            More on My Funny Valentine:

The pieces in My Funny Valentine might be warm fuzzies, or cynical snaps, historical enlightenment, or satiric spinouts, or behavioral field notes of Love in our times, but they have one thing in common: they’ll make you laugh. This is one anthology that goes beyond “bathroom reading”: it doesn’t shy from being wrapped in lace, flowers and murmurs to give to loved ones. It’s not a box of chocolates: but it’ll last longer.

Funny Books’ contributors are syndicated columnists, TV and comedy writers, and winners of the top humor awards. Coming together in special collections that poke a funny bone in the ribs of topics, issues and cultural icons you might not have thought of as humorous before reading these assortments of chortle mongers and guffaw greats.

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