Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Damage ... begun.

            I’m 2,011 words into the rough draft of “Storm Damage” – wait, let me type in one – yay, 2,012 for 2012! The plan is to shoot for 5,000 words a week, in the hopes of having the rough draft done by the end of March. We’ll see … things happen.

            Much as I try to plan ahead, I’m sometimes slowed at the beginning by little unanticipated research jobs: So far in Chapter One I’ve looked up how a horse rider helps a second person on (on the horse, I mean), what kind of vehicle a Congressman might drive, how many half-brothers Allie Craine has (you’d think I’d remember that), and the drive time between California and Indiana. But researching is part of the fun (although it’s perfectly okay to put it off until later, if you’re on a roll).

            I’ll keep everyone updated on my status and post a line from time to time … meanwhile, if you want to see the sequel make sure to tell all your friends the original is still available! Oh, and if I seem like I’m in another world for the next few months … it’s because I am.


Tags: storm chaser, storm damage

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