Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

question about My Funny Valentine -- a book for the *next* holiday

I have a book signing coming up January 30th at the Noble County Public Library main branch in Albion (you heard it here almost first!) so I have a decision to make: How many copies of “my” new book should I have on hand? Not just for the signing, but for anyone to buy?

Truth in advertising: It’s not just mine– it’s a compilation of Valentine’s related pieces by columnists, bloggers, and cartoonists from all over.

My Valentine’s Day column “Valentine Fail, or: Where to Sleep When You Don’t Own a Doghouse”, originally appeared inThe Albion New Era in February, and is reprinted in My Funny Valentine along with items from 40 humorists. This book should make a great Valentine’s gift: It doesn’t go bad in a week like flowers, has no calories like candy, and at $9.95 (plus tax) is way less expensive than jewelry – and will probably be more appreciated than lingerie. Plus, a little humor goes a long way in the dark, cold months of winter.

My question to you, the fan, is: How many of you might be interested in an autographed copy from me? Keep in mind, it would only be my autograph – not that of any other contributor! Although the book is available at a lower price as an e-book, it was meant as more of a gift item. You can buy it directly or learn more about it here:

Later I'll add ordering information on my website, . I'll definitely have some available at my next book signing, and I’m even offering a deal: Anyone who buys a copy can also pick up Storm Chaser at a reduced price, $12.95. This is assuming you don’t already have Storm Chaser – or that you want to give that out as a gift, too. Let me know if you’re interested in a copy of the new work, and here’s a bit more about My Funny Valentine:

Love is to laugh with, not at, in this anthology of Vday humor from forty of the top humor writers around. An inexpensive, pocket-sized book focused on Valentine giving

and lightening-up, My Funny Valentine is a condensed packet of laughs and smiles.

This is the first offering from My Funny Books, a new imprint dedicated to showcasing the country’s top humor writers. The writers here are contest winners, syndicated columnists, book authors, working comediennes, writers and producers for television shows, joke-mongers for famous comics, and beloved cartoonists. Some quotes:

I don’t need a special day to be awkward, uncomfortable and falsely selfless. That’s what dating was for. – Blythe Jewell

We lovingly refer to it as Valentine’s Day because "Sex for Chocolate Day" was vetoed by the greeting card industry. – Leigh Anne Jasheway

Valentine’s Day is about those five little words: Charge it to my Visa. – Jim Shea

Yeah, so, I missed Valentine’s Day this year. On a totally unrelated note I’ve discovered it’s possible, and even advisable, to sleep in today’s smaller, more fuel efficient cars. – Mark R Hunter

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