Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Chasing Storms for Christmas, and a bonus

Apparently this is a big day for ordering off the internet, so this would be a good day to get Storm Chaser in time for holiday giving season. Don’t we need some light, cheerful storytelling right now? Storm Chaser has all that fun stuff: storms, fires, crashes, accident-prone stalkers … what could be more upbeat?
Naturally, you can still order it on my website, at, or from the publisher at  It’s also available at Barnes & Noble:,
Or on,,
Or even’s United Kingdom site,, where it can be had for only five … um … squiggly line things.
They also have it up on On a more local level, Storm Chaser is available in two book stores: Summer’s Stories in Kendallville:, and at The Bookmark in Fort Wayne, although they don’t appear to have it up on their website:
Finally, you can get a signed copy at the antique shop, “Just Off the Square” in Albion, or if you prefer your copies unsigned (or want to hit me up for a signature later), they can be found at the Albion New Era and Churubusco News in those communities, or at Freedom Acres near Cromwell.
Don’t forget also that the Storm Chaser cover by Gemini Judson is featured on the 2012 Whiskey Creek Press calendar:
Did I miss anyone?
And now – just to see who made it this far – the soft launch has begun for My Funny Valentine, a humor compilation (centered around guess which holiday?) that includes one of my columns as well as funny stuff from forty of the best humor writers around. I’ll have print copies myself later (great Valentine’s Day gifts, if you’re willing to think that far ahead) but if anyone wants to check it out ahead of time it can be found on e-book at
and smashwords:
The website for My Funny Valentine is here:; but of course, if you buy a print copy from me you’ll get a signed copy (keep in mind that only I’ll be able to sign it, not all the rest of those great writers!) I’ll have copies at my January 30th book signing at the Noble County Public Library in Albion, and later there’ll be order information on my website, or you can just e-mail me if you want one. Hope you like it!
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