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Buffy fanfiction: ROBIN LAYS AN EGG Chapter 1: "The Batmobile Has Lost a Wheel"

Post Chosen: Robin Wood goes on his first mission for the new Watcher's Council. He's bringing some friends along, and he'll be meeting other old "friends" along the way ... too bad he's also being accompanied by Murphy's Law.

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In this episode, Robin's reinforcments arrive ... they're not what he'd hoped for.


True to his word, Giles got reinforcements into Cleveland just as the weak winter sun gave up its attempt to warm the midwest, and sank away. Robin couldn’t tell who was driving, but the ambulance that pulled up next to his sedan was the same one he’d seen parked in the garage beneath the Watcher Council’s secret Chicago headquarters. It carried no lettering to indicate where it was from, and Robin wasn’t sure he wanted to know what the Council had used it for.

So, that was their getaway car. Okay, he’d deal - the important thing was, the calvary had arrived. Based on what he’d been seeing in the last hour, and hearing over his scanner, the timing was perfect.

The ambulance doors popped open, and two people who looked abnormally small to be medical professionals people leaped out. “Hey!” called the driver, who looked for all the world like a nerd who had gone trick-or-treating as a paramedic. “It was so cool driving this. But Kara wouldn’t let me use the siren.”

“Secret mission, duh.” Kara smiled, flashing a mouth full of metal. “I told him maybe on the way back.” She had shoulder length, mousy brown hair that she’d tied back with a scrunchy, and wore a white lab coat that came down to her ankles. Kara was fifteen, and had gone on exactly one mission since becoming a slayer. Granted, she’d done well, but still ...

“Mr. Giles said you’d explain when we got here,” Andrew said. “He’s been in a bad mood lately, so we thought we shouldn’t ask too many questions -”

Kara paused in the act of stamping her feet on the icy parking lot, to shoot Andrew a sharp look. “You did ask too many questions - and he was in a lousy mood even before that.”

Andrew cleared his throat. “So, what’s the bad news?”

“I’m looking at it,” Robin muttered. “I figured Giles would send more slayers, or Dawn, or even come himself.”

“Mr. Giles said he and Dawn have to get some kind of healing spell ready.” Kara looked away, and concentrated on rubbing her hands together. “I’m the oldest slayer who’s not ... recovering.”

“Great.” Before he could say more, the scanner strapped to Robin’s overloaded utility belt blared. The evacuation, someone announced, was complete, and the building sealed up. “Wonderful. We’re out of time.”

Looking across the street, they saw the last few ambulances - real ambulances - pull away with the evacuated patients, while a mix of police officers and soldiers spread out around the sprawling hospital complex. At least some of them knew the real reason for the evacuation - that a demon had been spotted wandering around the hallways - and they’d make sure the place stayed empty until specially trained troops arrived.

Robin pointed at Andrew. “You - God help us - are the getaway driver. If we don’t come out, get back to Chicago.”

“What about your car?” Andrew gestured toward the sedan, then did a double take. All four of the vehicle’s tires were missing. “What ?”

“Demons aren’t the only bad guys in this part of Cleveland,” Robin told him. “While I was checking out the perimeter, somebody helped themselves. That’s why I need you to stay out here, so we have something to get away in. That, and to report back if you haven’t heard from us in, say, two hours.”

Kara’s eyes widened at the thought of not coming back. “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to play doctor.”

Her eyes widened even more.

Next: Batman Smells ...

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