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Buffy fanfiction: Xander's Walk

Someone once told me that I should put Aliens into Buffy's world ... people should be careful what they ask for. Another attempt at a drabble, not connected to my other stories and not to be taken seriously in any way!


As Xander shuffled through wet snow, he saw a glowing light land near the middle of the cold Chicago park. Feeling rather lonely (he’d heard earlier from a deliriously happy Willow and Kennedy), he decided to check it out, to pass the time.

That it was a UFO should come as no surprise. But Xander was stunned to see a small figure emerge through the hatch. It wore a silver uniform, pointed ears, tawny fur, and whiskers. It looked exactly like a bunny.

“Take me to your leader.”

“Okay,” What else could Xander say?

Sadly, Xander was allergic to dander.
Tags: buffy, buffy fiction, fanfiction, xander

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