Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

I'm number 9! I'm number 9!

Storm Chaser is in the top 10 on Whiskey Creek Press's list of releases!

I assume that's partially because I recently ordered 15 more print copies; I've autographed and sold 60 myself, in the month and a half since it was released. Still, while I don't know the average sales figures for WCP titles, and I don't know the accuracy of the Amazon numbers I've dug up, it's reason for hope that I'm doing okay.

So .... sequel?  I'm on the edge, here ...

Meanwhile, if you haven't checked out Storm Chaser, you can order it through the publisher, for Kindle on, or directly from me, all through my website:

Emily has also posted links to some reviews there.
Tags: storm chaser, whiskey creek press
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