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Buffy fanfiction drabble: WEEPING WILLOW

This was my first attempt at a drabble ... go easy on me!

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Willow rocked back and forth, trying not to cry as she held Kennedy’s hand. “Nothing good ever comes from my relationships.”

“Willow,” Kennedy said in an admonishing voice. “That’s not true. We’ve learned Tara’s a good spirit, Oz is happy with a colony of fellow werewolves, and Xander’s ... doing okay.”

“But everyone keeps getting hurt.” A tear streaked Willow’s cheek as she examined the cast on Kennedy’s leg. “Cordelia got impaled, just because I was making out with her boyfriend. And now, this.”

“It was an accident. Look, just stick to magic. From now on, leave the driving to me.”
Tags: buffy, buffy fiction, fanfiction, willow
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