Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Harry Potter roleplaying idea

strangexgirl (also known as my fiancee) is interested in starting up a Harry Potter roleplaying site. She already has some experience in RPG's; if anyone's interested, go to this post over on her LJ:

"I used to RP, and a few of my friends have expressed interest in getting back into it.

If I were to create a Harry Potter 'verse, Forum-based Roleplay site, would any of you be interested in that? We're all poking around our contacts seeing if we can garner enough interest before we start one up [we've all admin'd before].


Not fleshed out yet, though this will be semi- AU [alternate universe] in that we'll be construction some way to get all or most of the beloved dead-in-canon characters and ignoring the epilogue (I say 'semi' since I've seen some set in the way future or way past or in another country/school/etc) Original characters will be accepted an encouraged.
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