Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Chaser Quiz, Clue #5

I accidentally posted this on my personal Facebook page instead of my fan page yesterday, so if you see it there twice (or more) ... the problem is that I write well because I do everything else badly.

Storm Chaser Quiz, Clue #5:

The little town of Hurricane, Indiana, is within visual distance of one of the biggest hog farms in Noble County. However, this is a trick clue, because during my research I discovered the official address of that business isn't the same as the farm complex I'm familiar with. In any case, don't worry -- if Hurricane really existed you could see it from the farm, but it's not close enough for that wonderful summer hog scent to be an issue!


Next time I'll give you a dead giveaway: An actual photo of Chance Hamlin's hometown, Hurricane, Indiana. How do you suppose I'll manage that?

Tags: storm chaser, storm chaser quiz

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