Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Editing, editing ...

I finished the first round of edits for Storm Chaser toward the end of the weekend. There were a lot, but most were fairly easy fixes and amounted to punctuation: I think I like commas more than Dave (my editor), and he likes hyphens more than me. There was also the issue of parentheses ... I've been hearing for years that using parentheses to indicate character thought was falling out of favor, but Dave thinks otherwise. I was very happy to change it back to the way I like it -- I never have understood what's wrong with me thinking, Hey -- people can tell I'm thinking now!

So I sent the edits in and went to take a nap before work, satisfied that I'd have days before the next round came through to attend to other matters such as some upcoming meetings and the primary election (vote for me!) When I got to work -- just four hours later -- there was my corrected manuscript, awaiting the errata list. Basically I have to go line by line through the entire manuscript again, getting one last chance to correct typos and other mistakes that haven't yet been caught. And that's why you won't be hearing much from me for the rest of the week.

Before I go, here's an article I wrote for the paper that I hope people will take as a warning to be careful in all the areas that have been experiencing flooding:


    Good Samaritans are credited with saving a child's life after a car flipped over into high water near Diamond Lake Monday morning.
   Police blame unreasonable speed for the crash, which happened on CR 600 N, near 400 W, at about 8:44 p.m. Amanda Rouse, 22, of Ligonier, was eastbound when she struck water that had flooded onto the roadway and lost control, causing it to flip over off the pavement. The high water had already been marked with warning signs by Highway crews, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department.

     Larry Shepherd of Ligonier and Brekan Manahan of Kendallville were nearby when the accident happened, and assisted four adults who managed to get out of the wreckage -- but the victims told their helpers that a three year old child was still inside.

     Working in the four feet of frigid water, Shepherd and Manahan were able to lift the car enough so that another person could get to and free the child, Delilah Rouse of Ligonier. Delilah was initially reported to not be breathing, but by the time emergency responders arrived she was breathing on her own.

     The child, the driver, and three adult Ligonier residents, 18 year old Share A. Rouse, 25 year old Christopher J. Lehman, and 24 year old Robert H. Rouse, were all treated for cold exposure after being in the water.

     Police cited Amanda Rouse on a charge of speed too fast to avoid a collision; the 2003 Pontiac Sunfire she was driving was heavily damaged.

     Units responded to the scene from the Sheriff's Department, Albion Fire Department, Ligonier Fire and Police Department, and Noble County EMS.
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