Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Chaser quiz, clue #2

Storm Chaser quiz, clue #2 ...   A contest to determine the location of the fictional town of Hurricane, Indiana, home of most of the main characters in "Storm Chaser". (Maybe I should be calling it Storm Chaser puzzle?)

Hurricane, population 714, consists mostly of single family homes, with no industries. Businesses include a convenience store, antique store, bed and breakfast, coffee shop, and an unoccupied storefront that was once the famous Hurricane Restaurant, but more recently a bait and tackle shop and bookstore.

The town's "Main" streets don't have names, just numbers: Noble County roads that intersect in the middle of the town. The side streets don't really exist, but the intersection is real. So, we've established that Hurricane is at a four corners county road intersection and that it lies within the Albion Fire Department's 1st response area, which consists of the townships of Albion, Jefferson, and York, the north half of Green, and a sliver of Elkhart. (clue -- Hurricane's not in Elkhart Township.)  Future clues taken together will point to where I placed the town. I'll put the clues up first on my Facebook fanpage, Mark R. Hunter, and about a day later they'll go up here.


Would anyone care to guess how, according to the book, Hurricane got its name?

In other news, my Storm Chaser line editor is Dave Field, an Australian who's also a writer, and in addition to being hard at work on edits it looks like he'll fix the problem of the wrong author name at the Whiskey Creek Press website "coming soon" page. I expect he'll have work for me to do soon.
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