Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Chaser quiz -- clue 1

I keep forgetting that I was going to do a fun little contest in advance of Storm Chaser -- or I hope it's fun. I’m not offering any prize beyond bragging rights because it'll be strictly for local people … not because of any legal restrictions, but because only those who are somewhat familiar with the Noble County area are likely to figure it out.

Storm Chaser is largely set in and around the little town of Hurricane, which is in northeast Indiana. Now, Hurricane doesn’t exist – but, for the sake of keeping my locations clear in my own head, I did set it in a real spot. So just for fun, about once a week between now and the June release date I’ll give a clue as to the actual position of Hurricane, Indiana – or where it would be. It’s a pretty obscure location, so I don’t anticipate a lot of people will figure it out until I get very specific, but you might learn a few interesting things about the novel along the way.

Here’s a teaser to start: Chance Hamlin, the male protagonist of Storm Chaser, and his family make their home there. Hurricane’s too small to have a fire department of its own, but Chance is a volunteer with the Albion Fire Department – a real fire department in a real town. In order to be a member, Chance must live within the AFD’s 96 square mile response area.

That doesn’t narrow it down much – but it gets you within one area of one county, at least! More clues to come.

Oh, and a bonus for anyone who follows me on my Facebook fan page (Mark R. Hunter): The clues will go up there first, a day or so before coming to my other FB page, Dreamwidth, and LiveJournal.

My TwisterPalooza is still open for business, by the way -- send me a link to any storm/weather related fic or fanfic if you want to take part. I've got a new drabble coming up there soon.
Tags: storm chaser quiz, twisterpalooza

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