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I'm going to be on TV

So, I got a call yesterday from Eric Olson, weekend anchor of Indiana NewsCenter (the local news people for Fort Wayne's ABC and NBC affiliates). He wanted to do a TV interview of me at the fire station and at my home the next day.

Cue panic cleaning.

Apparently they're going with the "firefighter writes a novel" angle, which I'm okay with. I'd have preferred all this happen closer to the release date -- how am I supposed to maintain the interest of potential readers for three months after this peak? Still, it's wise not to look a gift horse in the camera lens, and they seemed eager to get the interview in as soon as possible for some reason. To get a scoop? Scoop who? CNN? Anyway, I'll be meeting them at the firehouse in about three hours.

Cue panic everything.

Many thanks to Emily and Jillian, who helped with the all day house cleaning chores. The main reason I've been getting so much writing work done is because I'd been ignoring the clutter, so you can only imagine ... naturally, I'll let everyone know when the interview is to air, and if it might be available online. Unless it goes badly, in which case you won't hear about it!
Tags: firefighting, storm chaser, writing

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