Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Still hoping to sacrifice my hair in Relay for Life ...

See how I sneaked a little mention of Storm Chaser in there, in my own greedy and underhanded way?

A recent press release about this year’s Noble County Relay For Life mistakenly stated that two of the Relay committee members, Leadership Chair Ed Anderson and Promotions director Mark R. Hunter, would shave their head if the 2011 Relay raised $55,000.

$55,000 is this year’s minimum goal for the American Cancer Society event, which will be held May 14-15 at the West Noble School. However, the pledge Anderson and Hunter made was to go bare if the money raised reaches $100,000.

The idea is to give everyone – especially people who know them – an incentive to raise more money toward cancer services and research. That means reaching for an amount that does more than meet the goal by a whisker. Anderson, Work Release Coordinator for the Noble County Sheriff’s Department, and Hunter, a Sheriff’s Department dispatcher whose first novel is coming out in June, have made the bold – and bald – guarantee to save their shave until the numbers reach six figures.

It’s not the only entertainment to be found at this year’s event, and certainly not the only reason to donate toward the cause, but the two men are dedicated to supporting the Relay by showing more skin than ever before – at least, on their heads.

More information is available online at, or by contacted Sara Jackson at Jackson-
. Or, contact Ed Anderson at (260) 693-2338 or by e-mail at

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