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Head Shaving Pledge Pushes Relay For Life Toward Goals

Don't worry: The mustache WILL remain.

           The Noble County Relay For Life is firming up its goals and membership for the 2011 event, but still needs help to mark another success in the fight against cancer.

            The American Cancer Society event has established a goal of raising $55,000 for the fight this year. The hope is to get 55 teams up and running, and ten have already signed up. Two survivors have also already preregistered.

            There’s a fundraising push on this year by members of the Noble County Sheriff’s Department, because two members -- Work Release Coordinator Ed Anderson and Dispatcher Mark R. Hunter – have agreed to have their heads shaved if the $55,000 goal is met. It’s certainly not the only entertainment planned for the Relay, and whether it improves their appearance remains to be seen!

            To help in getting teams started, a Relay training will be held at the ACS of Northeast Indiana location, at 111 East Ludwig Road in Fort Wayne, at 6 p.m. February 28. The pacesetter goal is to have teams registered is March 1st. anyone wanting to register a team online can contact David Troutner at .

            Meanwhile, the Relay still needs help in various areas, including mission and advocacy needs and promotions.

            Future committee meetings will be March 3rd and March 31st at the main branch of the Noble County Public Library, in Albion, at 6:30 p.m. The Team Captains will meet at 7:30.

            The Noble County Relay For Life is May 14-15, starting at 10 a.m. the 14th. The nautical theme this year is Cruising for a Cure.

            More information is available online at, or by contacted Sara Jackson at . Or, contact Ed Anderson at (260) 693-2338 or by e-mail at

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