Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Writer's Block: Hit the road, Cupid

If you had the power, would you permanently eliminate Valentine's Day?

That depends largely on how much half-price chocolate I find today.

*looks around*  I've been gone again -- what did I miss?   We had kind of a rough weekend -- Emily keeps running an on and off again fever despite a full course of antibiotics, and I've been almost immobilized since the chiropracter jumped up and down on my back Saturday morning. (Seriously -- the guy put his weight into it.)  My spine is, and I quote, "all fubar'd".  (He didn't really say that, but he did mention me paying for his next car.)

 On the brighter side, I cooked us a pretty nice meal both Sunday and Monday, and so far no signs of food poisoning ... I believe that's a record for me. Steak, garlic potatoes, broccoli and cheese, minimal calls for assistance. I even lit candles and we ate at the table, like real people.
Tags: writer's block

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