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It's been a bit of a long weekend here at the old' homestead (and looking to be a long week).  Emily, who's been down with an ear and sinus infection, had a bad reaction to her antibiotic, and has been very sick; thus our being mostly absent from the internet.  The doc put her on a different bug drug, and once the old one wore off most of the side effects went away -- at least she can hold down solid food -- but she ran a fever most of the weekend.  She's feeling better now and is on the road to recovery, but I haven't checked her temperature yet this morning. I'm a little worried that this up will be followed by another down.  Still, not to worry: Now that she's keeping down the antibiotics we'll have her fixed up in no time.  (Okay, I'm still worried, but that's my job.)

I've been having mild cold/sinus symptoms that I suspect are just allergies -- from what I'm hearing allergy problems are unusually common this winter, and I don't usually take my meds this time of year. It's probably just that we've been cooped up for the last several days, except for occasional runs to the store. After all, sinus infections aren't contagious.

They aren't, are they?

They're predicting 4-8 inches of snow and high winds here before the main part of the oncoming storm hits on Wednesday. People around the country have had it lots worse -- there's a blizzard watch just to the west of here -- and we're stocked up on medicine and food.  However, I'm told Emily's college has closed because of weather only twice in the last 37 years, so I'm understandably concerned about getting her down there.  Don't bother saying she shouldn't go because of her illness -- higher education waits for no one and no thing! But even if we do make it down for her quiz on Tuesday, I'm fairly well convinced the roads will be too bad to attempt it Wednesday. We'll see ... I'd think a college would take conditions into consideration and maybe, at least, allow students to turn in work over the internet, but they seem to assume everyone lives across the street in student housing.

What else? Oh, the website reached 500 hits sometime yesterday.  Sorry we haven't updated in a little while, but my webmaster hasn't been up to it. How goes it with everyone else?
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