Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Writer's Block: Not again

Are there any movies that you watched over and over again as a child that you can't stand today?

Not really, yet.  To a large degree I've avoided watching the movies I loved as a child, because I'm certain most of them won't hold up. I was a B movie fan -- I especially loved Godzilla flicks, Disney live-action movies, or anything that might have played on the "Double Creature Feature", midnights on Channel 33. With movies, as with TV, I go for what entertains me rather than what the critics say I should watch.

However, I do have a love-hate relationship with The Wizard of Oz.  It was, and remains, one of my favorite movies, and holds up well as a light musical after all these years. At the same time it's so different from the beloved Oz books I grew up with -- the movie Dorothy is whiney and helpless in comparison to the book version, for instance. No big deal: I just think of them as two entirely different universes, and the only time it really bothers me is when a new Oz project is based on the movie, rather than the books.
Tags: oz, writer's block

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