Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Chaser rollout and icky medical stuff

The e-book version of "Storm Chaser" will be released on or close to June 1 or June 15 of this year, with the hard copy version shortly after that. I'll have at least 50 paperback copies myself, and may take pre-orders through the website,  There's more "Storm Chaser" related news coming soon -- something to keep everyone interested, and give them a taste of the story to come.

It's a good thing two different doctors told me yesterday that I'm probably going to survive various ailments -- life's too interesting to die now!

Not that they were *fun* doctor appointments ...


My urologist, whom I will henceforth be calling "Doctor Plunger" has pronounced that my prostate feels -- um, seems -- healthy. My PSA (prostate specific antigen, which means ...  antigens that are specific to the prostate) count is still up, but he feels the biopsy I got last year might have irritated my prostate (it sure irritated ME), and so another biopsy might just make things seem worse. That being the case, we're going to keep an eye on things -- figuritively speaking -- and probably take no action if the count doesn't rise further, and if I don't develop other symptoms.  It's not quite an All Clear, but it beats wailing and gnashing of teeth. That's for the dentist.

My chiropracter provided, shall we say, a much more pleasant working environment, although I sure am sore now. He said my back was screwed. When I asked for specifics, he said it was *really* screwed. Come to think of it, there were similarities between the two experiences.  However, he's fixed up my screwed back before: If I can work through the pain and keep from reinjuring it for a week or so, I should be just fine. It it gets worse, I can still type while flat on my back.

Do you think I'll get sympathy sales if I'm carried into a book signing on a stretcher?
Tags: medical stuff, storm chaser, writing

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