Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

website news has reached over 300 hits since going online a couple of weeks ago -- not bad in such a short time, and with hardly any publicity so far.  Emily has put up a Twitter feed and a Facebook "Like" button, and we just went live with a linkswap/fanlist page.

So far my biggest contribution was my announcement of June, 2011 for the publication of Storm Chaser, along with posting the opening scene. I'm preparing some short stories featuring characters from the novel -- pre Storm Chaser, of course (no spoilers!) -- and some other ideas such as featuring the websites of friends and fellow writers. I'll be coming up soon with a poll, to see what people might like to see there.

Look at me -- all grown up with my own web site!  I might have been able to do it without Emily, but it would have been a pale, puny thing compared to what she's produced.
Tags: emily, storm chaser, writing,

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