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Snow, Fringe, and bizzarro dreams

This week's schedule has been a disaster. On a related note, I hurt my back shoveling snow. Who didn't see *that* coming? We only got five or six inches of snow -- the heavy stuff, but what's my back going to do when we get a *real* snowstorm?

I did get some writing in, thanks to Emily being back in college and me getting distraction-free writing time at the IPFW library. That's why I haven't been online -- I could use her password to go wireless, but that would be the end of the writing. I took a break from the fire history book to write a Fringe fanfiction, which will probably go up next week after Emily has had a chance to beta it for me. I figured I might as well dive into one of my favorite running shows before the inevitable Friday night Fox massacre that makes it one of my favorite canceled shows.

Then there's the weird dream from this morning:

Cut for odd, confusing, but not too disturbing dream imagery. Is there a Freud in the house?Collapse )
Tags: charis, dorothy gale, emily, jillian, oz, weather, writing

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