Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The last post?

The last post of 2010, most likely. I'll be on to check my e-mails here and there, but otherwise I suspect I'll be too busy to get online much between now and early next week. Too much to do, and not enough energy to do it.

How was 2010? Well, that's hard to say right now, because for the past couple of weeks I've been going through some pretty bad bouts of Seasonal Affected Disorder -- also known as wintertime depression, otherwise known as "Duh -- of course winter sucks". All I want to do is sleep, brood, drink Mountain Dew, and eat chocolate. The extra sleep helps a bit ... the rest of it, not so much. Emily and certain TV shows help me through it (Thank you, Doctor Who Christmas special), but it's been especially rough at work.

So it's hard right now to take a good look at how the past year has gone. It certainly had its high points -- hey, fiancee and book contract! Outside of that there haven't been many more setbacks for me personally than in any other year. So my problem right now is just the weather and the season; both of which will, no matter how much I think otherwise, come to an end.

Writing news? I haven't heard back from Whiskey Creek Press on Storm Chaser edits, but it's been only six months -- a vast amount of time for anything except the publishing process.  An agent who requested a full on Red Is For Ick said she'd try to get back to me by Christmas, but she got busy, and the good news she hinted about in a blog turned out to be taking on another client, not me. It still hasn't been a very long wait, considering she's got an entire novel manuscript to look over. So, while I'm getting mopey and pessimistic about things ending well in those areas, it's a fault of my SAD inflicted mind, not the people I'm waiting on. There's still a signed contract, and as far as the literary agent is concerned, even if she does reject me she did it after asking for a full manuscript -- one of only three she asked for in all of 2010, which according to her blog puts me in the top .04% of authors who queried her.

And that ain't too shabby.

If that doesn't work out I'll search through Writer's Market, pick another agent who seems like a good fit, and steam on into 2011. In the end, that's what we all must do: Persevere, take care of ourselves, work hard, do the right thing, and keep our fingers crossed. The days are getting longer. The snow will melt. Tomorrow, to steal a phrase, is another day.

So Happy New Year, everyone -- keep your spirits up!  And I don't mean just the booze.
Tags: doctor who, red is for ick, storm chaser, winter, writing

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