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Woman Pulled From Burning Room


    Avilla's fire chief was credited with saving a woman when fire broke out in her room at an assisted living facility Tuesday, December 14.

     Chief John Brazzell headed straight to the scene after receiving a report at 4:16 a.m. of a fire at the Chandler House at 2879 S. Lima Road. Brazzell and Avilla Police Officer Mike Duncan arrived first, while other fire units responded from the Avilla and Kendallville Fire Departments.

     After learned the elderly female might still be inside, Brazzell entered the structure and reportedly found her still asleep on the bed, then got her out as heavy smoke spread through the room. The flames, which apparently started in a heating unit, were knocked down by a dry chemical fire extinguisher, and didn't spread beyond the room.

     Although the resident was removed safely and taken to Parkview Noble Hospital for evaluation, another occupant of the building was treated for exposure to the dry chemical, which is a respiratory irritant. No other injuries were reported.

     An East Noble School bus was sent to the scene in case the other residents needed to be evacuated, and the Kendallville YMCA was contacted as a place to take them in. However, firefighters quickly determined the fire was out and sheltered the other occupants in place; they did not have to be moved out into the single digit temperatures.

     In addition to Avilla fire and police personnel and Kendallville fire units, the Noble County EMS and Noble County Sheriff's Department assisted at the scene.

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