Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

History writing update

I finished polishing my history of the Albion Fire Department last night, and it's ready to go to some readers to be checked for mistakes and accuracy. The whole thing's not really done, though: I have some appendix material to deal with, and I need to pick out photos that will go into the book. The POD publisher I'm looking at has a limit for how many I can put in without an extra charge, so I'll have to pick carefully.

I'm ready for a break -- I haven't done this much writing in years. I hope I don't get one, though: I could hear back on a couple of possibilities any day now.  Besides, if I got a break I'd be itching to write again within a few days ...

How are things out there in the rest of the world?  Cold and snowy, here.
Tags: albion, firefighting, writing

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