Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Writer's Block: Vote early, vote often

Do you vote for a candidate based on issues or do you do you follow the party line, and why?

The Nazi's followed the party line.  So did the communists.  Untold millions have died because of people following the party line.  It's critically important to any democracy that the people not only vote, but that they educate themselves and vote for the right person -- regardless of what party that person might be in.

Meanwhile:  *waves*  Hi, I'm back -- survived the zombie apocalypse and my brother's Halloween party, but I haven't been online much for the last few days.  Now, with "Red is For Ick" finally polished and an agent hunt in progress, I'm finishing up a synopsis of the story in case that's called for next.  Have I missed anything?
Tags: writer's block

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