Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

I've been a bad, bad internet friend ...

... Because, despite my best intentions, I just haven't been able to keep up on posts even on LiveJournal, let alone Facebook or Twitter. I don't see it getting better, either -- not if I want to finish polishing my latest novel and get it off to an agent and/or publisher. Finally selling one (no, still no release date on Storm Chaser) has lit a fire under me: If I sold one I can sell another, and if I can sell another I can eventually do it for a living, but I need to put the time in.

I'd mentioned earlier that my oldest might have gall bladder problems. She passed those tests -- they think she's got an ulcer, instead. Why in the world would a working mother of two year old twins have stress in her life...?

Meanwhile, my youngest was taken to the hospital last week and got two breathing treatments because her asthma went out of control, and Emily is just starting to get over a flu that's had her down for over a week. My throat is sore and my sinuses acting up (when do they not?) but I suspect it's more related to Jillian right now than to Emily: It's been very dry over here, harvest is on, and there's a lot of dust and allergents in the air. However, if I do disappear completely for a week or more, I was probably wrong and it's the flu.

Otherwise, not much of interest to report. This being October in Indiana, I've been patching the roof and winterizing while there's still time, so sometime this week I'll have to put aside the writing and work on such tasks as cleaning out the garage (the car will thank me for it) and putting plastic up on the windows. The weather has been spectacular for northern Indiana this time of year: I even got hot two days ago. That just can't last.

I'll check in when I can -- hope everyone stays healthy!
Tags: charis, emily, jillian, medical stuff

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