Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

ah -- choo!

What kind of cats are your friends?

mardeen is always sleeping right where you want to sit.

ninkasa is the climber who's always going up the curtains, the lamps, the kitchen cabinets...

a_chance_to_fly is the computer cat who always stands in front of the screen and sits on the keyboard.

sarahkucera is the loudmouth who can't stop meowing all the time.

amyfortuna is the troublemaker who's always staying out all night, getting into fights, and leaving dead mice on your bed.

jillyh2009 is the super-boingy cat who is constantly dive-bombing the othe cats!

shygyrl70 = Television cat. Always sleeping on top of or in front of the TV!

winsomeone is the sleeper, who manages to sleep more than all your other cats!

sroni is the pouncer who hides under beds and behind curtains in order to attack passing cats and feet!

sanggol_jade's toy mice are always scattered around the house.

What kind of cats are your friends?
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