Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

dumb people in dreams

I had a dream in which I was one of a group of people in an isolated, possessed house, and we were packing all of our belongings into an RV and an old car to escape horrible monsters. We were packing our belongings. Among the others in the group were Craig T. Nelson, the dad on "Poltergeist" (at least that makes sense), the woman who plays Fred on "Angel", and Fran's mother from "Fran". Not exactly a group of action heroes.

As we boarded the RV, I noticed that someone had loaded on a statue of a giant frog. When I glanced toward it, I saw a troll looking thing that had crawled halfway out of the statue's mouth -- apparently, as in the weeping angels on Doctor Who, it couldn't move when someone was looking at it. I smashed the troll with a sword (where did I get a sword?) and convinced someone else to smash the statue (why couldn't I?)

Sadly, Fred didn't make it. But the point I'm getting at is: Why do people always do the dumbest things in horror movies, even when I'm dreaming one? We should have taken off the moment green slime first oozed through the walls. (That's what killed Fred.)

Packing our stuff up. Sheesh. That's so dumb even I couldn't turn it into a story.

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