Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

this week's column: A Brush With Twitter Fame

For this week's column, which details my brief -- very brief -- encounter with Amber Benson, I'm linking to another newspaper I work for, the Churubusco News. If you get the chance give them, the New Era, and the Northwest News some lovin', and tell them I sent you -- the job you insure may be my own.

On the subject of local brushes with fame, two other things happened this week. On Thursday Emily and I were taking photos at Albion's cemetery and encountered the grave of the brother of Anne Heche, an actress who many people remember as Ellen DeGeneres' former girlfriend. I'm told that Heche, who once had relatives in the area, sometimes makes the sad trip back to visit her sibling's resting place.

On a lighter note, about twenty miles from here DeKalb County police pulled over the tour bus of rocker Bret Michaels, formerly of poison. They say Michaels was one of eighteen people on board two buses containing -- gasp! -- marijuana. It's hard to believe ... I had no idea rock stars ever did drugs.

I assume it's not uncommon for celebrities like Michaels to be rocking on down Interstate 69. The only thing that would surprise me would be if I ever stumbled into a conversation with a celebrity on Twitter again:
Tags: column, new era, slightly off the mark
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