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The Great Write Meme

Stolen from myfeetshowit:

Ok, so I thought it would be fun to do a little informal critique on each other's fiction. The idea stemmed from blessed_beast's The Icon Truth Meme, for icon makers.

- Comment with your username, and those willing shall reply with thoughts on any fiction, fandom or original, that you compose. That means it does not make a difference what subject(s) your pieces reflect, whether they be popslash, sci-fi/fantasy, creative, etc. This is entirely open-ended.
- When replying to an individual, please remember to comment ANONYMOUSLY, no matter your response. You may include (and italicize!) direct quotations from the person's writings if need be.

Note that anonymous is active; IP is off.

Be nice, and don't be afraid to put yourself on the spot. Constructive criticism is good for the soul. :)

One more thing: PIMP LIKE MAD.

Thanks. :D

Go here to sign up yourself:

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