Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Jon and Lisa's wedding -- some half decent photos

'Cause everybody loves weddings, right? This was the wedding of Jon Munger and Lisa Jett, which took place in Sikeston, Missouri, on a day when the weather cooled down to a balmy 95 degrees with 70% humidity. Yes, the church was air conditioned.

I had my little digital camera, and originally sat at the back of the church with a notebook and pen, because I wanted to work on a novel idea Emily and I are developing. A half hour before the ceremony a line of elderly ladies sat down with me and enquired about what I was doing, and in the ensuing conversation I lost track of time and ended up staying there through the ceremony.

This seems to have gained me at least one sale, as the ladies wrote down my name and the title of Storm Chaser and promised they would keep an eye out for it come fall and winter. As for the idea I was scribbling notes for, they were satisfied by the description "romantic comedy" ... which was good, because I didn't want to tell them we were designing a rather satirical sex farce set in a nudist colony.

Wedding ceremony too

There was, naturally, a party the night before the wedding. Apparently there's a Girl Scout thing about building big fires. Lisa, the bride, and Emily, the maid of honor, were both Camp Latonka Scouts. In this photo Rob, the groomsman, realizes he's parked a garden tractor too close to what he probably assumed would be a normal sized camp fire.

Garden tractors can be buried to the axle in sand. Did you know that? A short time later, after I almost lost a hand and Emily had her first crack at driving a tractor while others pushed, it was determined that my firefighting skills would not be needed. I was relieved, as a firefighter without his gear is just a guy with a camera, swatting mosquitoes.

Lisa does the traditional "Why do I have to get married? I didn't do anything wrong." dance around the fire.

Rob tries to put the fire out. We weren't planning to roast wieners tonight, Rob.


The next morning Emily the maid of honor got her hair curled. Can't pass up that photo op.

before wedding

Here at the reception are at least most of the Camp Latonka Girl Scout crew that made the wedding. Sitting are Wendy, bride Lisa, Maid of Honor Emily (also known as Sunny), and Tra. Stand are, um ... all the rest of them.

Scout attack

The bride and groom. His eyes are fairly glowing with happiness, or maybe it was the heat.


That's Claire the flower girl signing the guest book. She did such a great job that Emily and I are thinking of drafting her to flower up our wedding.

flower girl

That's it, except for one last view of Emily's Latonka crew getting together. The short one's my girl.

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