Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

checking storm damage

We're back home and working on unpacking our stuff and a bunch of Emily's belongings, as well as catching up on various chores and wishing my daughter Charis a very happy birthday!

There are piles of branches all over Albion, but otherwise the storm damage seems mostly cleaned up and not too bad except for in the Rose Hill Cemetery, which has full sized trees down all over the place (pictures will follow later). I'm no expert, but it doesn't look like straight line wind damage to me ...

We drove out of town yesterday and on the way went through Hurricane, Indiana, which is the little town that much of Storm Chaser is set in. I told Emily I wanted to check on storm damage, but as I expected there was none -- since Hurricane doesn't exist in real life. It is, however, in a real place; there just aren't any buildings there. The only weather related activity I saw in the area was standing water in a location where the Hurricane Books & Bait building would stand, if there was such a building ... their basement must have flooded. :-)

I'm considering posting little hints, to see if local people can figure out where I set my fictional small town. The only problem is, the answer would be anticlimactic.
Tags: albion, storm chaser, weather

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