Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Albion storm damage

I'm stuck 500 miles away and still with only dial-up, so I'm only getting bits and pieces of what's happening in the Albion area. There's certainly severe wind damage, but I don't have confirmation of whether an actual tornado touched down; if it did, it apparently was centered in the area of Rose Hill Cemetery, which is in the west central part of town. I haven't heard any reports of injuries, but they say a tree fell on an occupied vehicle, so there were at least some close calls. Originally I was told all of Albion will be without power until Sunday, but it seems the New Era office on the south side of town has electricity, and since that's just a block from my house it's possible I don't have to worry about the contents of my refrigerator; whether my roof is still on remains an open question.

Damage is widespread throughout northeast Indiana, and now I'm hearing there was a tornado clear over in Connecticut. I'm glad everyone I know has made it through safely (assuming there's something I still haven't heard), but I've been tearing my hair out down here; wish I could be home helping.

I'm in Missouri now, and was in Michigan when the Kendallville tornado hit on my birthday in 1992; Charis says I can't leave the state anymore.

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