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Albion Firefighters Receive Operation Roundup Funds

I'm just reposting an article for the newspaper, about a grant our local REMC gave to the fire department. These rural electric associations are well known for helping out their communities, not to mention getting there quickly when we need them at emergencies. I wanted to give a shout-out to them and to Albion Firefighter Bob Brownell ... or as I like to call him, the Grant Writing Machine.


Janelle Burnworth, of the Noble County REMC, stands with Albion Fire Department Secretary Bill Anglin behind a display of ice/water rescue equipment the AFD obtained as part of an REMC Operation Roundup grant.

The grant, for $1,480, was originally earmarked for a boat motor, to be used for a shallow water inflatable rescue boat. When another grant, from the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, was received for the motor, AFD members got permission from REMC to change their purchase to other water rescue related items.

The new equipment includes an additional Ice/Cold water rescue suit, 600 feet of rescue rope, and two Coast Guard Swift Water personal floatation devices. All are meant not only to rescue victims, but to keep firefighters more safe during rescue operations.

Operation Roundup has continually assisted the Albion Fire Department over the years,
with grants that have supported firefighting, rescue, and first responder operations for the Albion area. The AFD protects a 96 square mile area that includes all or part of five townships and includes Chain O’ Lakes State Park, in addition to portions of the Elkhart River and numerous lakes, water retention ponds, and streams.

(Photo contributed)
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