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Bet I got your crappy weekend beat (illustrated)

Well, I hardly know where to start this.  Time kind of went a little wibbly-wobbly for us over Memorial Day weekend, so if I screw up the timeline on this, I apologize.  Let me start out by saying that EVERYONE IS OKAY.  There were a few panics over the weekend, so I wanted to get that up front.

I guess it began with grandkid Brayden being rushed to the hospital with a 105 degree fever, Thursday night.  It turns out both of his ears were infected and he had a very bad sore throat, which figured into the rest of the story. Here are Brayden and Hunter a few weeks ago, on a good day:

Brayden and Hunter in their car seats; can't seem to make lj-cuts work this morning, so I'm doing the Photobucket thing.

Now, Jillian had been invited to a graduation party of a classmate of hers Friday night, and when she couldn't get to sleep she decided to head over. In the wee hours of Saturday morning she was driving down Coliseum Blvd. in Fort Wayne when some idiot ran the ran light at State Street and slammed into the side of the Nissan, forcing it into a guardrail.  I got that call that every parent dreads getting, and soon Emily and I were headed down to Fort Wayne to pick her up.

It's ... actually worse than it looks.

At that point Brayden was doing a lot better.  Because I have no talent or sense for this kind of thing, I barged into Charis' and Vinny's house at about 5:30 in the morning, hoping they could help me get the Nissan out of the tow company's junk yard.  They closed at noon, and if we didn't pick it up by then I'd have to pay a daily storage fee until they reopened on Tuesday. (Memorial Day weekend, remember.)

I was on days off, but we'd been researching and shopping for a computer for Emily; due partially to that, at the time of the accident we'd just gotten to bed, after sleeping only about 5-6 hours the day before. So when we were trying to decide the fate of the Nissan late Saturday morning, it was getting hot out and I hadn't slept since the the previous afternoon. Vinny thought he could fix it or, at the very least get a little more out of scrapping than it would cost to tow it.

Unfortunately, at that time of the day on a holiday weekend, there was no tow to be found. I was exhausted and upset, and ready to be out from under the whole thing, so I paid the initial tow bill and signed the car over to the towing company, which will likely make a couple of hundred extra dollars in scrap metal.

R.I.P., 1998 Nissan Sentra that had been in our family for so long that both my daughters learned to drive with it.  I thought I was handling it all pretty well, until the next day when I saw this photo that Charis took just before we left:

Guess I'm not handling it with such good humor, after all ...

After everything was settled, Emily and I finished the computer shopping (That part went well, except for a small issue that Vinny helped us with that evening.  Emily does know her computers.)  We fell into an exhausted sleep until around mid-afternoon Saturday when Vinny and Charis, who'd heard that I was looking for a dresser, called to say they'd found two and were on their way with them -- $40 for two good, sturdy dressers.  Something else happened at about that same time, but since it was very good news and this is a bad news post, I'll save it for later.

We fell back asleep ... for awhile. But Brayden was still sick, and his throat hurt so badly that he was refusing to eat or drink anything. On Sunday he had to be taken back into the hospital, where they found he was dehydrated and admitted him.  The poor little guy had to get an IV for fluids, and spent the night in there.  Because the weekend wasn't exhausting enough, he had an allergic reaction to one of the IV's, and at about 2 a.m. Monday was put on Benadryl and Lortab to clean up the rash and help with the pain:

Poor little guy is just as miserable as he looks.

Emily and I didn't stay long Sunday, both because I had to work that night and because the room was crowded, and Brayden was having enough trouble resting without all the fuss and extra people.  Emily, by the way, was still tired out from finals (4.0 GPA last semester!), packing up and moving to Indiana, and getting over a bad case of tracheal bronchitis.  Jillian has also been sick recently and went through two antibiotic prescriptions, although they were both well away from the twins and aren't germ suspects.  :-)  I had a photo of Vinny looking absolutely exhausted and holding both the kids, but I couldn't get it to upload.  Basically I'm the only person who hasn't been sick lately, and I guess I just jinxed myself.

Oh, yeah: And Jillian is likely moving from my house to Kendallville, where her mom, sister, and grandpa live, to be closer to both job prospects and her fall term at Ivy Tech now that transportation has become a problem.  That's not bad news, exactly, but it's hard on a papa.

So, yeah -- that's how my weekend went.  I apologize because, for the second time in the last couple of weeks, I was totally unable to keep up with my LiveJournal or Facebook friends, but under the circumstances I hope you'll understand.  I hope the long weekend went better for all of you!

The main thing to get out of this: Everybody's gonna be okay.
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