Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

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Tracheal Bronchitis

That's what Emily has: Tracheal Bronchitis. So screw that, I'm going to go down and get her -- she needs some TLC.

Okay, the truth is I was headed down to Missouri this weekend anyway; Emily gets her associates degree at tonight's graduation, and we're hoping she can get enrolled into Indiana University/Purdue University in Fort Wayne for the fall semester, which I'm assuming starts in the fall. Jillian and Charis will be holding down the fort up here while I'm gone (no wild parties, ladies), but from an online standpoint I'll be vanishing for awhile -- wish me a speedy and dry trip. (It's flooding along the Mississippi, although I suspect not as badly as Tennessee got hit.)

Emi's coming back, yay! See you in four or five days!
Tags: emily, weather
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