Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

More proof that smoking is bad -- and that soft drinks are good.

An Albion resident had a close call when a fire broke out in his south side apartment early Wednesday, April 14.

A cigarette was reportedly the cause of the blaze, which broke out just before 4 a.m. at 406 Autumn Hills Drive. The occupant of the home, who is reportedly partially disabled, hit a medical alert alarm when he discovered the fire, and the alarm company notified the Noble County Sheriff's Department. Two Albion Police officers arrived moments later to find the apartment filling with smoke, and they helped the occupant get away from the hazard.

The fire, apparently caused by a dropped cigarette or ash, was confined to a chair after the quick thinking occupant poured a nearby soft drink on the flames. He reportedly suffered a minor burn in the incident, but refused medical treatment.

Albion firefighters finished extinguishing the smoldering fire and helped clear smoke from the building. Eighteen firefighters responded, manning two fire engines and a rescue unit, and remained on the scene for about half an hour. A Noble County EMS unit also responded to the call.
Tags: albion, firefighting, new era

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