Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Noble County Relay For Life News

Food donations needed for Relay:

The Noble County Relay for Life is in need of more donations for the food tent at the annual event, which will be held May 22-23 at the West Noble High School football field. Fifty-Seven Teams have signed up for the American Cancer Society fund raiser, beating the goal set for 2010, but now help is needed from local businesses and individuals to feed teams, staff, and cancer survivors during their marathon effort to help in cancer research and support.

Hot dogs, hamburger, and buns for both are needed, along with chips and other items that can be used at the food tent; donations of items, and anyone available to help, are greatly appreciated. Please contact Tina Anderson at (260) 636-7124, or Judy Anderson at (260) 693-2338. The Relay’s website is at .

Popular A Team Bears available again this year:

The Noble County Relay for Life is once again offering the popular Relay Bears, a fund raising item for the American Cancer Society that make great collectables and gifts. This year two will be offered, priced at $9.00 each: one is the original pink color, and another deep purple. The Bears have been part of the Relay for about a decade, thanks to the efforts of the “A Team”, one of the annual event’s teams.

Anyone interested can pick up a bear or two at the Community State Bank in Albion, or contact Cholene Anderson at (260) 693-3433.

Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact NCRL committee chairman Ed Anderson at or Team recruitment chairperson Stacey Lang can be reached at (260) 894-1418, or by e-mail at
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