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Could it be?

Yes ... I do believe spring is really going to come again this year! And here's the photographic evidence:

I don't actually know what these are, but they ignored me and popped up along the south side of the house, anyway.

south side of the house

This bush needs trimmed several times a year, it grows so fast. I trim it once a year. I am a bad, bad landscaper.

bush by house

The lilacs are alive! They're alive! The camera was set on macro, I swear.

Lilac bushes

Freshly planted flowers near an entrance to Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana. So *that's* where my tuition money is going.

Ball State flowers

Perennials along the south side of my neighbor's house. After all these months of nothing but white, black or shades of gray, color is very nice.

flowers by neighbor's house
Tags: albion, spring, weather

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