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Baby Hailey pics

I'm back online more or less, although it's looking to be an even busier than normal January and February -- details to come later. We had a safe trip to Missouri and back despite the fog, and Emily's back in college for her last semester before getting her Associate's Degree. But you don't want to hear about that: You want pictures of my new niece! (Actually, they're more pictures of people *holding* Hailey.)

My sister had her third (two sons) after a very long day. She had to get a blood transfusion afterward, but came through just fine; mom, baby, and stressed out dad are doing okay!

Me and Hailey:

Emily with Hailey; that's dad Chris in the background.

I love this pic! Emily just barely got a chance to hold Hailey; we left for Missouri the next day.

Three generations: Me with Hailey, and my mother beside us. Doting grandma, of course!

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