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I just got a new review for my fanfiction story "Simple Inhumanity":

"Hey I’m Somali although I was born in Canada
I take offensive to Somali Pirates thing, they have no choice in addition to the fact that I know that they never hurt any of the captives and they are dying of starvation and gang wars started to develop, not to mention that First World Countries such as the USA are polluting Somali waters."

There was no link for a comment back.

Fair enough: opposing point of view, although I don't think much of someone who's eager to make such a statement without being willing to identify themselves. My response? Yeah -- no. Not buyin' in. It can be a bad world, and horrible things are happening, and I've always maintained that we should help where we can. That doesn't excuse anyone from attacking a ship and holding other people at gunpoint, regardless of their desperation. I'm curious to know how much the average Somali gang is doing to help their community, bring democracy to their country, fix their nation's problems, or feed anyone unless they're either a paying customer or a part of the gang itself.

The story is here, for anyone who's interested in whether I handled the idea fairly:
Tags: buffy, fanfiction, simple inhumanity
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