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Mark Hunter

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good news and good news

The doctor thinks I only have a sprain to my knee, so no extra testing for now. He gave me a knee brace, a 9 day supply of Celebrex for the swelling, and instructions to take it easy for a week or so. He also confirmed what I'd already discovered about my prostate readings, which is that my PSA test of 5.6 is just barely over the normal range and nothing to be all that concerned about; I'm officially putting any worries on that subject off until my urologist appointment on January 14.

Oddly, my knee hurts a little more now -- I suspect the swelling was actually padding the injury and masking the pain, a bit. I didn't stop to think that Celebrex isn't a pain reliever, so I need to go looking for my ibuprofen.

Better news: Emily got all A's in her most recent college semester -- 4.0 grade point average! Yay her! Smart girls are hot. ;-)
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