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Ozma's presence will be sparse for awhile.

For a variety of reasons, I won't be around much for -- oh, probably the next month or so. All seven of my regular readers are aware that this isn't uncommon, and it just means RL will be overwhelming for awhile -- all I ask is that, since I'll try unsuccessfully to keep up on my friends lists, please hit me with an e-mail if there's something I need to know. Very rarely do I go a day without checking e-mail!

One of those days will be next Wednesday, when I'm heading down to Missouri to pick up Emily; she'll be spending Christmas break with me, and a weak later Jillian will be here for her winter break. Yay! However, my mind is completely blanking on what to get them or anyone for Christmas, which I hear is coming in a month or so.

On a much more down note, Jillian's actually here right now, thanks to getting sick at school; the doctor thinks she has H1N1, and since she has asthma, the flu's a bit more serious for her than for most people. Still, she seems to be doing okay, and plans to put up Christmas decorations here with her boyfriend (!) this weekend.

My knee, sadly, is not doing better, but I think the swelling and stiffness is due in part to the cold, wet weather we've been having. None of me does better in those conditions. Frankly, that's been overshadowed by the fact that I'm scheduled to see a urologist mid-month due to high PSA readings; what Public Service Announcements have to do with prostate problems, I have no idea. ;-)

I'm approaching the time when I should be hearing back from the two novel publishers I submitted to earlier in the year. Considering all of the above, you have to wonder if high PSA readers are caused by stress.

So, yeah -- kinda busy. Please don't defriend me! In the immortal words of Ahnold, I'll be back.

Meanwhile, a fun link to 20 outrageous Sue Sylvester Quotes, from the TV show "Glee":,,20323853,00.html
The most recent episode was a killer! Not one, but two smack-downs, one of them a long time coming.

On a more "huh?" note -- GoogleGate?

If not before, I'll be here with my next column!
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