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Noble County Relay for Life Prepares for 2010 Fight Against Cancer

Just a preliminary report, we'll be moving in to high gear after the holidays. Anyone living in the Noble County area, we could really use your help -- and anyone living anywhere else should check out assisting with your local Relay For Life organization. It takes a lot of work in many different areas to get these events off the ground.

Cancer never rests, so the Noble County Relay for Life is once more jumping into the fight against it.

The organization has set a goal to form at least 40 teams and beat last year’s $43,000 in donations, and needs the public’s help. NCRL members met in November to plan the annual Relay for Life, set at the West Noble High School football field south of Ligonier. If schedules permit, the Relay will be May 22, with a backup date of May 15th. It’s hoped that at least 100 cancer survivors will be there.

Relay for Life is an American Cancer Society activity, formed to raise not only money toward fighting cancer, but also community awareness and participation. Teams camp out – in the case of Noble County, at the West Noble football field – and keep at least one representative on the track at all times during the overnight event. An estimated 3.5 million people participate across the country, often to honor loved ones lost to cancer and to fight back against the disease.

The money raised at these events helps fund research, early detection and prevention education, advocacy efforts, and patient services. The theme for this year’s Relay for Life hasn’t been set, but the events include various forms of entertainment, and always develop a block party type atmosphere.

One of the goals of the Noble County Relay for Life meeting in November was to get more people involved, from organizations such as churches, schools, fire departments, businesses, and law enforcement. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and the NCRL is eagerly looking for anyone and everyone to get involved in this life or death fight.

More details and contact information about the Noble County Relay for Life can be found at their website, at: . Anyone interested in helping on the committee can e-mail NCRL committee chairman Ed Anderson at or .

The organization’s committee, which is still seeking members in many areas, will hold its first meeting of the year on January 7 2010, in the basement activity room at the Noble County Public Library’s Albion facility . Then, on January 21st, the NCRL will officially kick off its activities leading up to the May event. Future meetings will be on Thursdays, with a social period at 6:30 p.m. before the organizational meeting begins at 7. At that time, future committee meeting dates will be set.

Now we’re looking for team members, with the goal of reaching or surpassing 40 teams. Any and all volunteers are welcome and needed.

Anderson is chairing the NCRL committee this year, with Carla Fiandt acting as Vice-Chair. Additional Committee Members to date include:

Cholene and Ed Anderson, Survivor Development Chairs.

For Sponsorship; Brian Rupert, Relay online – technical.

Team Development Chair, Stacey Lang.

Team Development Sub-committee: Sherry Byers and Amy Shroeder.

Event Development: Logistics, Eric Lang; Entertainment and Activities, Jen Williams, Holly Remke, Laura Watson, and Bryan Rupert; Registration/Accounting, Carla Fiandt; Food, Judy Anderson and Tina Anderson; Health and Wellness, Julie Butgen; and PR/Media, Mark Hunter.

Another new committee member this year is Holly Ratliff, but more volunteers are needed to fill other committee positions.
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