Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

carpe diem fugo: Seize the Fire

The opening session of the new Mandatory Firefighter certification class went well. In addition to the two students I knew would be there, two rookies from a neighboring fire department (Kendallville) and an unexpected addition to our department showed, so I had to rush to get some student manual pages copied. I did that gladly, though -- if we're having a class anyway, might as well have a full one.

Of the three from Albion, two are the son and daughter of current firefighters and the third is an ex-marine, so I expect the best from them.

The only problem I encountered, other than being rusty from not having taught for awhile, was a sore throat from a combination of sinus drainage and talking for three hours.

On a related note, please ignore any emo ramblings that may come out from now until, say, March. I've been suffering terrible sinus headaches for a few days and my seasonal affected disorder came to visit early and promised to stay through the holidays, so I'm on a hatred of life bandwagon right now. Emily will be here toward mid-December for her Christmas break, which will cheer me considerably. Hearing back from one of the #^@$&*!! publishers I sent manuscripts to would help, too.
Tags: firefighting
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