Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

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Yay, autumn's beautiful.

I need to spend a lot of time winterizing my house: putting plastic on windows, covering the air conditioner, things like that. I also need to install this neat little device that redirects clothes drier air into the house, which pumps in the warm, more humid air and allows me to seal the outside vent. Things like that.

I don't want to do these things. I hate to do these things.

Why? Because it amounts to breaking down and admitting that summer is over, and winter is coming. I got my first bad sinus headache of the year over the weekend, and my SAD is already poking at me. The last thing I need to do is dig out the long underwear, tap my mind on the proverbial shoulder, and say "Hey -- gonna be snow soon! Ain't it purty?"

Don't get me started on heating bills.
Tags: weather
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