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Someday I'm gonna write a book

Early yesterday morning a guy got drunk in the wee hours and took a swan dive off the top of a barn. He was the same man two officers did CPR on after he demolished his car last year, so this was his second ride on a medivac helicopter. I hear they give you a t-shirt when you ride on Samaritan ... the most expensive t-shirt ever. So, what do you get for a second ride? A hat?

Yes, alcohol was involved.

On a much more tragic note, in the wee hours of this morning a man on a bicycle got t-boned while crossing Highway 3 near Avilla, by a car going at highway speeds. Still not sure what the contributing factors to that will be, but to say it didn't end well is putting it mildly.

Sometimes it's hard to internalize this stuff. That's a fancy way of saying work sucked.


Sep. 21st, 2009 07:53 am (UTC)
My dad's been a paramedic since... *has to stop and think* Going on 32 years? And oh yeah, if the stories he's told are any indication, he could write one hell of a book. Some days I think we should write something EMS-centered, and I could do the characters and stuff while he contributed the medical info and realistic 'flavor'. However, that would mean my dad reading something I've written and I don't know if I'm ready for that yet :/
Sep. 21st, 2009 10:30 am (UTC)
Ask him about it! You might be surprised at how receptive he is.

I was an EMT for several years, but I saw one too many nasty things that people shouldn't have to see. I've been a volunteer firefighter since my 18th birthday, though, which would make it ... guess I have to stop and think, too ... 29 years! Between that and my full time job in emergency dispatch, I think I've got more than enough material for a book, too.

Actually, I've already done it -- in my mid teens I started working on the story of a group of firefighters on a fictional department, and over the next decade I wrote the rough drafts of half a dozen novels, along with jotting down several other novel ideas. I "finished" one of them later and sent out some very bad queries, which is good because it was a very bad story. My biggest problem was that my stories were a series of unrelated emergencies, with only a little plot and not enough characterization to glue them together.

Several years ago I started again on a much better manuscript, but it got stuck in limbo as I went on to other things and is waiting for a finish. So I already *have* written "a book", to a certain degree.

By the way, that icon? Perfect.

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